Piedad Mosquera


Food, family and God are three things that Piedad Mosquera can not live without. Mosquera came from Ecuador to the United States of America 45 years ago. Mosquera was a factory worker and retired 5 years ago.

After her retirement, Mosquera was a Sunday school teacher at Saint Agustine’s catholic church but has not been felt like leaving her home since the death of her daughter. Mosquera returned home after living with her daughter for 3 years. Her daughter died from brain cancer last July. With the loss of her daughter, Mosquera has kept her faith strong revealing that religion has always been her sense of comfort.

Mosquera is still getting used to living on her own but affirms that she finds her strength in prayer and cooking. Today her sister, Lastena Mosquera came to visit her, where they ate beef soup and prayed the rosary. Both sisters came to America together sharing a strong and unbreakable bond. The sisters, who are often mistaken as twins are 5 years apart. They both attended Christian School and University in Ecuador and recall it as the only form on education that they were able to pursue.

“Many woman became house keepers, but we got to study religion. My dad wanted us to become nuns, but Piedad has always dreamed of coming to America. We are here because she is a strong woman who knew that there was more to the world than our small town in Ecuador,” said Lastena Mosquera about her older sister, Piedad Mosquera.

UNION CITY, NJ 03/10/17 LOOKING OUT THE WINDOW: Piedad Mosquera has lived in Union City New Jersey for over 45 years. She lives on a busy street that is located 5 miles away from Manhattan, NY.  Photo By: Jennifer Leon


UNION CITY, NJ 03/10/17 MORNING ROUTINE: Piedad Mosquera says she is a very low maintenance woman whose morning routine consists of combing her hair and moisturizing her skin. Photo By: Jennifer Leon


UNION CITY, NJ 03/10/17 PRAYER BEFORE BREAKFAST: Mosquera attended a Christian school and university in Ecuador. She said that religion was the only way she could pursue an education in her country.  Photo By: Jennifer Leon


UNION CITY, NJ 03/10/17 COFFEE AND TOAST: Piedad Mosquera admits that she should eat healthier because she is currently suffering from high cholesterol but toast with butter is her favorite thing to have for breakfast. Photo By: Jennifer Leon
UNION CITY, NJ 03/10/17 WATCHING TELEVISION: “Growing up in Ecuador we were too poor to own a television. When I came to America I promised myself I would have a nice big TV in my living room. It keeps me busy and I am constantly learning new things!” said Mosquera. Photo By: Jennifer Leon
UNION CITY, NJ 03/10/17 PHOTOFRAMES OF CHILDREN: Piedad Mosquera’s daughter, Elvira died last July of brain cancer. Mosquera admits that it changed her life  and said, “I miss hearing her voice.”  Photo By: Jennifer Leon
UNION CITY, NJ 03/10/17 PIEDAD’S KITCHEN: Piedad Mosquera always has people over for lunch. Today her sister, Lastena Mosquera was set to come for lunch and late afternoon prayer. Photo By: Jennifer Leon
UNION CITY, NJ 03/10/17 HISPANIC FOOD: Piedad Mosquera serves a bowl of rice, then followed by a bowl of soup for her sister, Lastena Mosquera. Photo By: Jenifer Leon
UNION CITY, NJ 03/10/17 PRAYING THE ROSARY: As a devoted catholic, Piedad Mosquera prays the rosary as often as she can. She says that she prays for the soul of her daughter, her family, and world peace. Photo By: Jennifer Leon
UNION CITY, NJ 03/10/17 LITTLE SISTER: Lastena Mosquera (left) and her older sister, Piedad Mosquera (right) hold their rosaries reminisce how their dad use to make them pray every day after school. Photo By: Jennifer Leon

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