Adela’s Story

Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 8.37.28 AM.png
GARFIELD, NJ 01/16/16 Adela Avila (left) posing next to her husband at her part-time job in subway located inside Walmart.

Words By Jennifer Leon

In this honest confession, Adela Avila opens up about her past experiences with men. 

My mom worked a lot. She was a single mother of four kids. She worked as a maid all day. My mom got tired of Mexico, and moved to Morelos. She took my siblings but left me because my aunt had no kids. I stayed with my aunt and her alcoholic husband. I remember him not coming home for days. My aunt would go look for him and find him with other woman.

My mom came for me and we lived in Morelos together. She found a partner but he had two kids with another woman. My mom wanted to be with him so bad that she even stopped working. I remember always being hungry. He became my step dad and loved me a lot. But he had other intentions. My mom would go to Mexico for a week and he would touch me. I tried to tell my mom but she never believed me.

When I started school I made a friend who was also going through the same things as I was. She asked me if I wanted to run away with her and I did. She ended up leaving me and one night I was raped by four men. I was only fourteen. After that I met a girl who was poor and took me into her home. I would sleep on the floor. I had nothing, no future and no education. That same girl wanted to take me back to where she found me, but had someone else do it. The guy that brought me back raped me. He said horrible things to me. I thought all men were like this and for a long time I was afraid of men.

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“My story… if I told you my story you would never believe me,” said Avila as she looked at her husband who encouraged her to not be afraid to say it aloud.

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