Jennifer Leon is a Journalist based in the New York/ New Jersey area. She Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 11.36.31 PMcreated  JENNIFERLEONBLOG as an excuse to get to know people for who they are on the inside and not on the out. Leon’s immense sense of curiosity always causes her to ask questions like, “Who is this person and why are they doing that?” This blog is about people and will capture love, laughter, tears and all emotions that we as people experience.

Jennifer Leon studies Journalism at Montclair State University, Jennifer plans to attend graduate school, and then finally live abroad and work as a full-time reporter. Leon focuses on feature and enterprise writing and one day hopes to become a journalist for The New York Times.

She first wrote an article called, “The Thursday Night Exodus” for her University newspaper, ‘The Montclarion’ and has since gone on to showcase her work for various other online newspapers  and digital magazines such as The Odyssey, and Medium.   Jennifer is currently a Public Relations personal assistant where she has developed a keen sense for what makes compelling news.She enjoys fitness, fashion, and fun. Yet, she isn’t afraid to talk about topics that hold significant importance such as – religion, politics, and progressive ideas.

The essence of the blog, JENNIFERLEONBLOG is a photo journalism blog that intends to capture Jennifer’s surrounding while aiming to  capture humanity in it’s purest form.

THEFIFTHANALYSISBYJENALEON, is Jennifer Leons main blog and will soon launch a shop that consists of tote bags that represents the everyday TFA boy and girl, who is hard working and always on the go. Jennifer Leon hopes to inspire all generations to look at the world with an open mind because you never know what you might discover. By following this blog, you too can be a part of this journey. Articles are published bi-weekly.

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