Viral Hashtags Used After Parkland Shooting

Parkland activist used Twitter and most importantly, hashtags, to spread their message. Using hashtags like #enoughisenough or #marchforourlives, many people have been able to actively participate in the movement. Student activist and survivors from the parkland shooting have used simple and easy to understand hashtags which resulted in trending and viral twitter hashtags. Below you … Continue reading Viral Hashtags Used After Parkland Shooting


Mr. Mango Regino Confesor is  40 years old and sell mango's, ice cream, and Mexican cheese doodles at the corner of Union City High School.  Confesor said, "Me llaman Senor Mango." (They call me Mr. Mango). Confesor sells more than mangos, he sells natural ice cream for $2.00 and only has three flavors: chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry.  Cheese doodles … Continue reading Mr. Mango